Pallet inverter & pallet changer using the tilting method

Suitable for different sized pallets

Both methods resemble each other and can therefore be mentioned in the same breath: Pallet changers using inverting method (so called pallet inverters) and pallet changers using the tilting method, tilt the load to a certain angle. The differences between the two techniques: Pallet inverters rotate the goods 180 degrees. This means that the load is turned upside down. Pallet changers using tilting method, however, turn the loaded pallet backwards only 100 degrees. Both methods are normally used for robust goods, such as sacks, drums or cardboard boxes. They are also ideal for the pallet changing with overhanging load.

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Pallet inverters turn the load upside down

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A pallet inverter turns the load upside down.

Depending on the design, a pallet inverter is loaded via pallet truck or forklift. The pallet is clamped from three sides and will then be inverted 180 degrees. In this way, the pallet lies on top of the load and can be changed very easily. Afterwards the inverter returns the the load with the new pallet to its original position. In some industrial sectors the orientation of the load is unimportant. In such cases the target pallet can be placed on top of the load before inverting.  Accordingly only one rotation is required and the load is left literally standing on its head.

Pallet changing via the tilting method

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With the tilting method the load is tilted 100 degrees.

Pallet changers using tilting method are loaded and unloaded either via forklift or by a pallet truck conveniently at ground level. Two side walls secure the load and tilt pallet and load backwards 100 degrees. While the load remains tilted the pallet is returned to its original position. The pallet can now be changed ergonomically.

Inverting method

After the 100 degree rotation the target pallet lies on top of the load.

Tilting method

The pallet can be changed ergonomically at ground level.