Pallet changer using the clamping method

Repalletizing robust goods fast and cheaply

With the clamping method the load is firmly clamped from both sides. Then the pallet is lowered and can easily be replaced by a new one. This procedure is the simplest and most inexpensive way of pallet changing. The requirements: The goods have to be robust, pressure resistant and tightly stacked. The clamping method is perfect for the pallet changing of cartons or boxes. It is also often used for the changing of badly damaged pallets.

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The clamping method is the simplest way of pallet changing and particularly suited for robust goods.

Clamping method: The simplest way to change pallets

A pallet changer using clamping method can either work as a stand-alone element or be integrated into a material flow system. The exchanger is loaded and unloaded via manual or electric pallet truck. Side walls clamp the load and then the pallet will be lowered by the pallet truck. Now the pallets can be changed fast and easy. Integrated in a material flow system the pallet changing is done by a lift conveyor. The clamping method neither inverts or tilts the load.
Pallet changer using clamping method