Pallet changer

This is how repalletizing works in various branches

Whether in the pharmaceutical industry, the food branch or the logistics sector – pallet changing is among the daily tasks in numerous companies. But each industrial sector has different needs. For instance, in some branches sensitive goods are handled regularly. In these sectors the pallet changers have to be precise and gentle. In other industries, however, robust and pressure-resistant materials are repalletized day in – day out. A fast and economic pallet changer is the ideal choice in these cases.

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The different methods

Reasons for pallet changing

In most sectors pallet changing is mainly needed for two reasons:

Quality change

Damaged pallets cause faults in automated processes and therefore have to be replaced with pallets of higher quality. If goods are transported abroad different shipping requirements often make the use of a pallet changer inevitable.

Hygienic change

Especially in the hygienic zones of pharmaceutical or food companies wooden pallets are no longer permitted. So placing the goods onto plastic or aluminium pallets is the common solution.

Should the pallet exchanger be a stand-alone element or integrated into a material flow system? This decision is one of the determining factors when looking for a suitable pallet changer. It is for this reason that there are different methods of repalletizing.